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Dental Services in North Bellmore, New York


Cosmetic Service

It is easy to create a perfect smile with cosmetic dental procedures by Gerard H Menzies in North Bellmore, New York. From whitening sessions to replacing missing teeth, we do it all to enhance your smile's appearance. Schedule your appointment today, call us at 516-783-7151.

For a bright, white smile

Show off your brighter, whiter smile when you visit us for your teeth whitening appointment. During your visit with us we will evaluate your entire mouth, then will give you a realistic consultation about the cosmetic dental procedure. Give us a call today at 516-783-7151.

Determining which process is right for you

Once the consultation is complete, then the dentist will match you with the best process for your needs. Some processes are simple like applying over-the-counter strips to your teeth or using at-home whitening kits available at our dental office. In many cases, the LumaLite™ procedure is the best option. This one-hour session is a safe and effective way to brighten your smile. If you are not a LumiLite candidate we have other options available. Book your dental appointment today, call us at 516-783-7151.

Restorative and Implant Services

Creating a beautiful smile for a lifetime is easy when you come to Gerard H Menzies in North Bellmore, New York, for restorative dental procedures. To give you the picture-perfect smile, we offer a wide array of services.

Implant restorations

Fill in missing teeth easily with dental implants. While the implants feel differently than a natural tooth, they're the perfect cosmetic dental procedure to enhance the appearance of your smile. We create the perfect impression after taking impressions of your teeth at our office. After we personally "treatment plan" for your implant case with the surgeon, we can begin implant restoration at our office. Call us today at 516-783-7151 to schedule your appointment.

Crown to replace

Don't let a broken or noticeably damaged tooth prevent you from showing off your pearly whites. Just come to our office for restorative dental procedures, such as crowns and porcelain fixed bridges. Bridges can affix to your teeth, creating a natural-looking tooth. Make your appointment today, call us at 516-783-7151.

Two options

Traditionally crowns are made of porcelain that fuses with your tooth and creates a porcelain-fused metal crown with a metal base. E.max is a metal-free crown that reduces the appearance of a dark halo associated with metal crowns. Dentures are another restorative dental procedure that provides you with a fully-functional and natural-looking set of teeth. Our office offers metal-based partials, as well as flexible metal-free dentures by Valplast®. Call for an appointment today at 516-783-7151.

Repair your teeth with veneers

Say good-bye to broken or damaged teeth, unsightly gaps or spaces, or rotated teeth with veneers. This conservative and non-invasive restorative dental procedure repairs your teeth, giving you a beautiful smile. After removing a thin layer of the front part of your tooth, the laboratory creates an aesthetic porcelain covering which is bonded to your natural tooth.

A tooth-colored bond

Simply put, a bond is a tooth-colored material that's blended to match your tooth or teeth perfectly. By applying a bonding light to the bonding material, we can restore tiny cavities or fix minor tooth fractures. We can also close tooth gaps with bonding.

X-Ray services

Ensure your teeth are healthy for a lifetime when you visit the experienced dental professional at Gerard H Menzies DMD PC in North Bellmore, New York, for digital x-rays.

Safer technology to maintain a beautiful smile

While traditional X-ray machines are an effective tool for detecting dental problems, state-of-the-art digital dental x-rays are safer tools offering the same benefits. When compared to conventional machines, they give off 1/2 less radiation. In addition to being a safer method to keeping a healthy smile, digital dental x-rays eliminate the wait time. The monitor assesses the images immediately, so you and your dentist no longer have to wait for the developed images. With the instantaneous images, we can print out or email the results to a specialist or surgeon for further care.

Used as a teaching tool

Part of maintaining a healthy smile is patient education. At our office, Dr. Menzies uses the digital dental x-rays as a teaching method to educate you on the condition of your teeth. The monitor gives Dr. Menzies the opportunity to zoom in on potentially problematic areas, which gives you an idea of the dental services you may need. Additionally, digital dental x-rays show you images of your bone and the level of periodontal disease, if present.